DS Band Spotlight: Introducing Montreal punks The Last Mile

Welcome back to the Dying Scene Band Spotlight! It’s been a while, but we’re finally back with another great band for you to check out. The latest band to find themselves standing in our spotlight is The Last Mile. This Montreal punk band’s sound marries the speed and melodicism of East Bay mainstays like Samiam and J Church with the gritty, rumbling basslines of Midwest punk bands such as Banner Pilot.

Their latest album Respect the Frequency – released in October, 2021 through Rad Girlfriend Records – recently celebrated its first birthday! Hopefully my persistent name dropping of revered punk bands and liberal use of buzzwords has convinced you to check it out.

Give the record a listen below and grab it on beautiful colored vinyl here.

source: https://dyingscene.com/dying-scene-band-spotlight-introducing-montreal-punks-the-last-mile/